Jenny Hicks Ceramics

Unique Sculptural Ceramic Art


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Clay, in all of its forms is an exciting, malleable and wonderfully diverse material

It's tactile qualities in both it's raw state and when formed and fired into vessels or sculptures are further enhanced by surface finish and decoration



My aim within my work is to bind the ancient to the modern and to allow this connection to expand and develop in a way that uses traditional skills and techniques, creating original contemporary designs within my ceramic practice. 

The work that you see in my online Gallery is created by using a coil-building method, as opposed to throwing on a potters wheel.

My designs are often inspired by my travel experiences around the world during my career as a Tour Guide.  Memories of textile and jewellery designs as well as intricate architectural carvings from Asia, The Middle East and Africa come to life as the unique decorations are carved freehand onto each form. I have also been influenced by traditional pottery vessels that are still created and used in the less developed world of today, as well as ancient ceramic forms that can be viewed in museum collections across the globe.

Jenny Hicks

BA (Hons)

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