'Enfolded' Sgraffito Series

My inspiration for the larger curving forms stem from the unprecedented situation we have been experiencing during 2020. As we have found ourselves restricted with our physical connections with family or friends, these forms represent the feeling of being 'enfolded' in an embrace.

These sculptural vessels have been decorated using the technique of 'sgrafitto' by carving through a coloured layer of slip, into the clay below.  The patterns created stem from memories of textile designs and architectural carvings found around the world, which have influenced my creative process.  This series are unglazed, giving a raw, organic and contemporary quality to the work.

Lava Glazed Spheres - 'Punctuations of Calm'


These rounded forms suggest the concept of movement and the link to perpetual motion.  Here they are seen at rest, representing moments of quiet contemplation - a brief 'Punctuation of Calm'.

The use of three legged 'camping style' stools in this display add to this narrative, reflecting on a temporary form of seating, and therefore an opportunity to be still.

These pieces are coil-built and are fired to 1220C, so are suitable as garden sculpture.


Images above @rodgonzalezphoto

Smoke and Pit-Fired Work

Smoke and Pit-Firing are similar techniques and have been used in traditional ceramic decoration for millennia. Organic materials such as seaweed, leaves, branches and fruit peel are added to a firing to produce a variety of unique patterns and subtle shades.

After firing, the work is carefully polished and waxed to produce a soft, tactile sheen.


Images above by http://www.ivistaphotography.com & Jenny Hicks