New Work Summer 2023

This year I have been contemplating colour, form pattern and movement.  Following on from my previous work I have enjoyed exploring new ways to expand my creativity whist staying true to my personal style and original influences.  As I love the textural qualities of the rough surface of fired clay I have also embraced the smoothness and vitality of glazed surfaces, bringing colour to sections of each piece.  This allows the hand-carved patterns to shine through and catch the eye.  Using a variety of small tools, I slowly bring my work to life with unique sgraffito designs.  Many of the larger vessels have been decorated with the flow of movement in mind, winding around the forms as though growing organically around each form.



My process is to coil build the basic form before refining it to create the final shape of each vessel. Once done, I paint on a coloured slip which consists of the original clay plus coloured stains or oxides.  A depth of colour must be built up through around five or six coats.  During the process of freehand carving the decoration, it is essential to keep the correct level of moisture within the surface of the clay, otherwise the patterns will not look 'crisp'.  Once completed, the first firing (bisque) takes place.

Once I check each piece, I then paint on a 'latex resist' around the decorated sections to ensure glaze doesn't smudge onto the bare surface of the vessel.  Glaze is then poured in (then out) to coat the interior.  Finally I hand paint two coats of brush-on glaze over the decorated areas before removing the latex resist, then allow to dry overnight.  The next day I fire the work to 1220C and the process is complete.

A Handful of Pots

Making smaller pieces can sometimes be tricky when using pinch-pot and coiling techniques, but there is a lot of satisfaction to having small tactile vessels that can be held in the hand - they have a haptic quality about them, relating to the sense of touch.  The feel of rough textured surfaces next to smooth glazed areas gives a new depth to my work.  I am constantly experimenting with new colour combinations and patterns and will continue to mix and match.  The sgraffito carvings are once again unique to each piece as I create the patterns instinctively as I work.

Unglazed Sgraffito Work

My previous work was also coil built, but many layers of coloured slip were applied across the surface of each piece before the sgraffito carving was applied.  I used subtle shades without the use of glazes giving a muted, tactile finish.

The 'Enfolded' forms originally developed from observations during my worldwide travels - beautiful sari's draped around local women, going about their everyday lives. The smaller forms are an extension of this theme.

'Hugs' & 'Urchins'

Images above by & Jenny Hicks

Lava Glazed Spheres - 'Punctuations of Calm'

'Punctuations of Calm' was my BA Degree Show project and was exhibited at 'New Designers 2019' at the Business Design Centre, London

These rounded forms suggest the concept of movement and the link to perpetual motion.  Here they are seen at rest, representing moments of quiet contemplation - a brief 'Punctuation of Calm'.

The use of three legged 'camping style' stools in this display add to this narrative, reflecting on a temporary form of seating, and therefore an opportunity to be still.

These pieces were coil-built and decorated with a 'Lava' glaze, giving a pitted, textured surface.


Images above @rodgonzalezphoto