Sgraffito Series 'Enfolded'

'Hugs' & 'Urchins'

The 'Enfolded' forms originally developed from observations during my worldwide travels - beautiful sari's draped around local women, going about their everyday lives. The smaller 'Hug' forms are an extension of this theme and the 'Urchin' forms are reminiscent of sea urchins.

The patterns I create stem from memories of textile and jewellery designs, as well as ancient architectural carvings found around the world (particularly throughout Asia and the Middle East).  These memories bind together with aspects of British ceramics such as Jasperware, made famous by the Wedgewood family.  Many aspects of my past travels have strongly influenced my creative process.

These sculptural vessels have been coil-built and decorated using the technique of 'sgrafitto'.  This entails detailed freehand carving through a coloured layer of slip, down to the white or buff clay below creating a textured, haptic surface.  This series is currently produced in calm, subtle and unglazed shades, giving a raw, organic and contemporary quality to the work.

Images above by & Jenny Hicks

Lava Glazed Spheres - 'Punctuations of Calm'

'Punctuations of Calm' was my BA Degree Show project and was exhibited at 'New Designers 2019' at the Business Design Centre, London

These rounded forms suggest the concept of movement and the link to perpetual motion.  Here they are seen at rest, representing moments of quiet contemplation - a brief 'Punctuation of Calm'.

The use of three legged 'camping style' stools in this display add to this narrative, reflecting on a temporary form of seating, and therefore an opportunity to be still.

These pieces were coil-built and decorated with a 'Lava' glaze, giving a pitted, textured surface.


Images above @rodgonzalezphoto